1 Term Program (3 Months)
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02 January 2020
Posted by DUEG Management
DUEG Program Materi
Facilitating the students with all information regarding the process of joining & embarkation on the JOB opportunity abroad. We provide all students with safety, hygiene, & security awareness as a professional employee.
PRE-DEPLOYMENT Program IDR. 3.000.000
Fees stated include :
a. Uniform.
b. Material/manual books for each program.

Requirements :
a. Physically and mentally healthy.
b. Last education must be Senior High School or equal.
c. Senior High School certificate.
d. Copy of National Identity (KTP).
e. Copy of Family Card (KK).
f. Copy of Birth Certificate (Akta Kelahiran).
g. Photo sized 3 x 4 with blue background.

a. (10am -12pm) 2 Hours

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